At Petsfamilia, our ultimate goal is to create a world where every companion animal receives love, care, and the opportunity to thrive. We have established Petsfamilia as a cherished initiative — a community that brings together animal caregivers, pet parents, and animal lovers who share a deep affection for our furry friends. Within Petsfamilia, people from diverse backgrounds unite to celebrate the joy and companionship that animals bring into our lives, while taking concrete actions to improve their well-being through various programs and initiatives.


When a companion animal is in distress, we provide them with care. If an animal requires a home, we find them a loving family. In times when a pet parent requires support, we are ready to step in. No matter the animal or the pet parent, we stand by their side through the good times and the bad, throughout their entire lives.

Petsfamilia helps create a support system for pets in homes and streets (community dogs and cats), by finding homes, empowering pet parents with knowledge and skills, undertaking awareness and education activities, and working with multiple stakeholders to create evidence based resources that help animals.

Whether you're a first-time pet parent or an experienced caregiver, everyone is embraced with open arms. We empathize deeply when we see an animal in distress and celebrate together in their victories. Together, we make a tangible impact on the well-being of animals. We promote responsible pet parenting and advocate for animal welfare, not just within our own homes but also in our communities.

Petsfamilia is a place where every pet is loved, every heart beats with unconditional love, and we create a brighter future for our furry companions.

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